I usually begin supporting families when a baby is younger than six weeks old and come to your home for a few hours a day for two/three days or more a week.

I can also support you at night, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep with the reassurance that your baby is being cared for.

I can be booked for a block of several weeks in advance before baby is born, or on an ad hoc basis at short-notice, subject to my availability.

As your dedicated postnatal doula I will discuss your needs and the needs of your family, support you in the way that best meets your needs and will benefit you and your family.

Before the birth of your baby I will visit for a postnatal planning session and help you to create your personal ‘Postnatal Plan’.

I believe that every baby and every family is unique so the ways that I may support families may differ, but some of the ways I can help are:

Providing practical and emotional support

Non-judgemental, supporting your choices and make suggestions to help you

A listening ear, if you want to talk about the birth of your baby or any concerns you may have

Baby care assistance

Practical support caring for baby while you take time to rest, shower, bath, have time to yourself

Breastfeeding and formula feeding support

Night time support

Sleep support

Reflux support

Baby massage – explaining the different ways that this can benefit your baby and showing you techniques to use on different parts of the body. I can also run a workshop or classes for you and a group of friends.

Prepare nutritious meals – for your lunch and an evening meal. Please see my Postnatal Nutrition and Family Meals page for some of the meals I have made in the homes of families that I have supported.

Looking after older children

Light housework – general tidying, loading dishwasher, washing clothes for family

Help to prepare home before birth of baby – and life with a baby or life with baby and older children

My role as a postnatal doula is to support mothers and the whole family in any way that I can in order to help the transition to becoming parents of a new baby. I will empower a new mother so that she feels confident to care for her baby and make decisions about the care of her baby, while feeling able to manage household tasks and generally feel positive about her new role as a mother.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you, please fill out my contact form or contact me using my contact details below.

I believe that the first few weeks and months with your baby are so important and that every mother should have the support that she needs to feel confident in her own abilities as a new mother.

My son Harry born 1st January 2012